What Do Families Say About Kindermusik of Charleston?

  • “My almost 3-year-old daughter and I first enrolled in Kindermusik classes at the suggestion of a friend when my daughter was 6 months old. We haven’t missed a session since! The program is a great way to spend time with your little one away from home in a structured yet very relaxed social and learning environment. At first my daughter simply loved being around other infants and hearing the music.

    Now she sings the songs all week long and asks almost daily when we’re going back to Kindermusik to see Ms. Sheila! She loves the music, the dancing, the instruments, storytime and being with the other children. It is all fun to her, and all the while I know it is strengthening her musical, cognitive and overall development. Kindermusik is an activity we both enjoy, and it has certainly been a good learning experience for both of us.” ~ Kathryn Tupper, mother of Margaret

  • “I have so enjoyed Kindermusik with all three of my children.  Taking classes with them as  babies to three years old was such a treat. As a mom, one of my favorite aspects of Kindermusik was being able to step outside of my errands and routine for that 45 minute class to just enjoy them and watch them with no distraction.  As for the kiddos themselves,  it is a joy to see them so naturally respond to the music and carry it with them throughout their week singing and talking about Ms. Sheila. She has been the first teacher for all of my children, and I enjoyed her nature and way with the kiddos so much that I have continued to travel from James Island to Mt. Pleasant for the classes. I have to say that I will miss these classes as my kiddos grow. They will be a very sweet memory!” ~Lorraine Jeter, mother of Ivey, Isa and Luke

  • “Kindermusik of Charleston has been a wonderful experience for me and my granddaughter. We enjoy the music and accompanying dance, instrumental and reading activities. There is also a wonderful social component with children of a similar age. When we are back home, playing the CDs with the musical instruments reinforces the enjoyable learning that takes place during the classes. It is a terrific introduction to music, movement and group activities for infants and toddlers and the program grows with them.” ~ Marcia Russo, grandmother of Mary Hazel

  • “Miss Sheila and her Kindermusik classes have been a wonderful part of my son’s life since he was 6-months old!  Now at almost 5-years, he looks forward to seeing her each week, and the scope of his appreciation and love of music continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Kindermusik is such a well designed program and my son has no idea how much he is learning through all the exciting activities and songs!” ~ Becca Eddins, mother of Sebastian

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