Our passion is providing the best in early childhood music classes for little ones from birth to age 6 and their families! All of our Kindermusik Educators hold BS or MA degrees in Music Therapy, Music Education, Elementary Education or Music Performance and are trained and licensed by Kindermusik International. 

Sheila Lawson | Kindermusik Of Charleston

Sheila Lawson, Director & Owner

Sheila Lawson earned her BS degree in Music Therapy from the University of Minnesota and worked in the field of mental health with children and adults for 11 years prior to establishing Kindermusik of Charleston in 1987.  She was the Children’s Music Director at Christ Our King Catholic Church for 18 years. In addition to teaching all levels of Kindermusik, she teaches 25 private piano students weekly. 

Sheila has taught countless children and families since bringing Kindermusik to the Charleston area 34 years ago. Her passion for the importance of early childhood development and bringing the best possible early music experiences to young children and their families has been the driving force behind Kindermusik of Charleston since it’s inception. Sheila is married and has three daughters, all Kindermusik graduates, and has two granddaughters currently in classes as well!

Polly Hunter

Polly graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a BA degree in vocal performance in 1995 and completed her BS degree in Music Therapy at Charleston Southern University. She has taught with us since 2006 and also works as a music therapist in a variety of facilities in the Charleston area. Polly has sung professionally as a soloist in the Charleston area and with the Charleston Symphony Orchestra Chorus as well as teaching voice lessons. She is also a member of the St. Andrews Episcopal Church women’s contemporary music program. Polly brings not only her extensive experience with special needs children and adults, her love of children and music to her classes, but also her exceptionally kind, loving and joyful nature and her ability to nurture both the children and families in her classes. 

Polly is married with two children, both of whom participated in Kindermusik classes!

Riley Conklin

Riley earned her bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy from Fredonia University and joined Kindermusik of Charleston in 2017. She works in a variety of settings with both children and adults providing music therapy services. Additionally, she teaches private piano students and sings professionally, performing at various venues in the Charleston area. She brings her love of music, commitment to children and desire to enhance the lives of her students and clients to our program with great joy and enthusiasm!

Anna Lawson Langley

Anna graduated from Clemson University in 2011 having earned her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and joined Kindermusik of Charleston in 2018. She has taught third grade at Pinckney Elementary School for 9 years, has sung professionally and is pursuing graduate coursework in oral and written language development. She brings her lifelong love of music, teaching and children to her Kindermusik classes with joy and enthusiasm. She has a passion for early childhood development, particularly in the area of reading and language skills in the preschool years. Anna is also a Kindermusik graduate, having attended classes as a child from ages 1-6 years (often several times a week) with her mom, Sheila!

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