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Welcome to Kindermusik of Charleston

Sheila Lawson and her team of talented and inspiring music teachers have been offering the best in early childhood music education to children and families in the Charleston area since 1987.

Our teachers are trained and licensed Kindermusik educators. Additionally, all hold BA or MA degrees in music therapy, music education, music performance or elementary education and have extensive training in early childhood development through Kindermusik International.

Since parents play the most important role in their children’s overall development, Kindermusik is centered around providing a learning experience for parents and children to explore music together.

It’s not about making little Mozarts. It’s about experiencing the joy of music and developing holistic skills at every stage of your child’s development. Starting as newborns and continuing through six years of age, Kindermusik fosters your child’s cognitive, physical, social, emotional, linguistic and musical development.

Kindermusik is specifically designed to stimulate and strengthen your child’s neural activity through music and is supported by more than 40 years of research at Kindermusik International headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Kindermusik combines the learning models of Orff, Kodaly and Suzuki to provide a robust musical curriculum that evolves as your child grows.

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